Just some friendly winter tips!❄️

With the freeze coming at end of the week, we wanted to give you some information so you are prepared to protect your pool from freeze damage. We have been told that Memphis Light Gas and Water is warning of possible power outages. In the event of a power outage, we suggest you do the following:

1. Turn the circuit breakers off to all your pool equipment.
2. Open the air bleed valve on your filter (if applicable). If it is frozen, pour warm water over it to melt the ice.
3. Disconnect any unions to your pool equipment (pump, heater, filter,etc.)
4. Remove all drain plugs from the bottom of your pump to drain the water. Place the plugs in the pump basket and loosely replace the lid. If you have a booster pump, repeat the same steps.
5. Remove the drain plug for the filter and place in pump basket.
6. If you have a heater, open drain valves on the heater (if applicable) and remove plugs.
7. If you have a chlorinator, remove the chlorinator tubing and lid (if applicable). If there is a drain plug on your chlorinator, remove the plug and drain of water.
8. If you have skimmer gizmos, put those in skimmer to protect skimmer from ice damage.
9. Any pipes that cannot be drained should be covered if possible.

These steps are the best things you can do during a power outage to protect your pool equipment.

We do suggest if you need to backwash your pool do it before the freeze and blow out the backwash line. DO NOT BACKWASH DURING FREEZING CONDITIONS or in the days after. There can be ice in the line causing damage to your pool equipment.

We highly recommend winterizing all of your water features. If you choose not to do so, when the temps are freezing you need to run those to prevent freeze damage. If you have a variable speed pump, run that pump at a higher rpm to make sure you have adequate water flow to help prevent lines from freezing.

We have all of our crews out winterizing pools. Our schedule is filling fast but we are trying to get as many winterizations as possible to help our customers get through this heavy freeze without any issue. Please call 901-754-7058 ext. 1 to try and get on the schedule for service.