Swimming Pool Service

In 1988, we started our swimming pool service division to service our new construction customers. Since then our experienced team of service technicians not only service our new pool construction but the general public as well. Our four service vans are equipped to provide the highest level of service and professionalism. The team of professionals in this department are trained annually to keep up with the newest and most innovative pool equipment and automation.

The services this department offers, but are not limited to, include:

  • Pool Opening 1: Remove and clean cover, fold up tubes, de-winterize pool and equipment, grease o-rings, place and secure rails, inspect equipment, and run cleaners.
  • Pool Opening 2: De-winterize pool and equipment, grease o-rings, place and secure rails, and inspect equipment.
  • One Time Clean: Techs will do a onetime clean, may require multiple trips.
  • Close Pool 1: Blow out underground lines, winterize equipment, add winter chemicals (algaecide and stain control), remove rails, and secure cover.
  • Close Pool 2: Blow out underground lines, winterize equipment, and add winter chemicals (algaecide and stain control)
  • Pool Inspection according to APSP guidelines (visual inspection)
  • Pool “Show How”: A tech will come to your house and give an introduction to the basics of owning a pool.
  • Pressure Test Lines: includes skimmer-returns-cleaner line if line is located then sonic test is included.
  • Repair cleaner
  • Install Salt Generator: Includes installation, generator, plumbing, electrical, and salt.
  • Sand Change
  • Install Filter: Includes installation, filter, and plumbing.
  • Remove liner wrinkles: Minimum service call per hour. Result depends on age and condition of liner.
  • Remove and re-caulk: Tear out existing caulk around perimeter of pool and recaulk.
  • U.V. System installation: Includes show how, unit, plumbing, and electrical.

Our service department runs efficiently because of the diligence of our office staff in maintaining a well-run schedule for convenience to our customers. In the event that you need a service call, we are just a phone call away. Or contact us by email here.