Not happy with your pressure side cleaner anymore? Repairing your booster pump getting pricey? Well, now is the time to invest in a robotic pool cleaner.

Dolphin Active Series robotic cleaners are the best investment for pool maintenance. At the touch of a button, you will have a pool with a scrubbed waterline, the bottom and all sides cleaned and free of debris. The large capacity filter basket comes with interchangeable filter cartridges that collect large debris like leaves and smaller particles of dirt and algae. Once the filter basket is full, just remove, rinse clean and reload. Many of the models come with 2-3 cycle times–a quick 1 hour clean, a standard 2 hour clean or an enhanced deep clean, the choice is yours. They are also Wi-Fi capable so you can connect to your phone to schedule a weekly cycle time.

All Dolphins have a 60 foot cable with their patented Dolphin swivel technology that prevents tangling to ensure complete pool coverage. The two brushes (1 brush and 1 active scrubber) guarantee spotless walls, waterlines, and pool floor. Each model comes with their own warranty plan that is 2-3 years so you can be worry free and spend more time with family than on your pool maintenance. Come to our retail store and ask about a new Dolphin robotic cleaner today!

Check out this video of the Dolphin Active 30!