3/23/20210 Comments

There is no way to avoid pollen falling into your pool especially if you have trees and flowers in your backyard. One thing to remember when trying to figure out if you have a pollen problem or algae problem is to look where it collects. Algae will often stick to the sides or bottom of the pool and is not easily filtered through your pool’s filtration system. Pollen usually collects on top of the pool water and is picked up through your filtration system. When you can determine that you have a pollen problem, here is how to get rid of it.

Pollen isn’t hard to get rid of but staying on top of it is important. Running your pool filter is the first line of defense against pollen. It won’t get rid of pollen completely but it will cut down the manual labor to get rid of it.

A fine mesh skimmer net is your next best defense against pollen accumulation. This is best to use daily during heavy pollen season and you might have to repeat this process a couple times a day if you have a lot of trees and flowers around your pool.

If your pool’s filter and your skimmer defense is just not keeping the pollen accumulation under control, try a flocculant. A flocculant or pool floc is a beefed-up clarifier. It clumps together floating particles and makes them heavy enough to float to the bottom of your pool to be vacuumed up. Adding a flocculant is quite a bit of work but the end result is worth it especially if you are struggling to keep your pool clear.