The Cozy Lagoon


​This uniquely shaped pool is nestled into the hill protected by a stacked stone raised pool wall. This pool features numerous scupper water features, sunledge, and spillover spa. The landscaping helped create an intimate, user friendly environment. Utilizing existing topography will help to seemlessly blend a pool into it’s environment. The stacked stone raised wall with some simple stone scupper water features accomplished our goal of integrating this pool into the hill. Another way to integrate a pool into the surroundings is with landscaping. In this case, the landscaping is the icing on the cake. The green giant arborvitaes along with a variety of low shrubs and perennial flowers provides a stunning backdrop for this space. Far too often we finish a pool without the possibility to top it off with some landscaping. Please consider landscaping with your project. It will pay dividends. We have over 30 years experience with our landscape department that can uniquely design a beautiful landscape customized for any project we do.