Borates in Swimming Pools

Borates are found everywhere in the environment. They are mined and polished for many diverse uses. They are efficient, timesaving and economical which makes them perfect for use in your swimming pool. Borates provide both chemical and aesthetic benefits. They also do not degrade or evaporate from pool water so a single dose will only require a very small touch up once or twice a year depending on rainfall or backwashing. The best thing about borates is the many ways it improves your experience with your pool. They are able to:

1. Enhance the swimmer’s comfort (less eye and skin irritation)
2. Softens your water and improves its clarity
3. Reduces scaling on your pool surface
4. Reduces corrosion on your pool equipment
5. Saves time and energy
6. Acts as a buffer for your pH (less pH decreaser!)
7. Helps prevent algae growth
And the best one of all…..
8. Improves your chlorine performance and makes it last longer so you are using less!

Borates are growing in popularity in pool care and are very beneficial. Less chemical use, saves time on your weekly maintenance and helps protect your investment in your pool and equipment, what else can you ask for? Come visit us at our retail store to learn more and start saving time and money!

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