How to Beat the Summer Heat

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Summer is here, and so are the high temperatures. After an unusually cool Spring, the heat is finally in Memphis, and that means it’s time to cool your pool. The easiest and quickest way to cool down your pool is to run a fountain overnight, allowing the pool water to be cooled down by the lower temperatures at night. If …

Grand Opening Luau Sale

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There have been a lot of big changes this past winter to Hawaiian Pools, especially in regards to our Retail department. We are happy to announce that our new location at 1280 N. Collierville-Arlington Rd. is having its Grand Opening Luau Sale next week! Starting April 25 through April 27, Hawaiian Pools will have a “Luau” sale in celebration of …

Product Review: DuoGuard Tablets

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Our new chemical line, GLB Chemicals, carries a chlorine tablet specially designed to provide extra strength algae prevention. This product, called GLB DuoGuard Tablets, is a 3-inch stabilized tablets containing a copper sulfate to fight algae, which is not found in standard 3-inch chlorine tablets. This provides extra protection against algae blooms, which helps keep your pool crystal clear. These …

Hawaiian Pools Memorial Day Sale

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We announced it in our Email Newsletter, we’ve announced it on our Facebook page, and now we’re announcing it here on our blog. Join us this coming weekend for our Hawaiian Pools Memorial Day Sale! Looking to save big on chemical purchases? We have chlorine tabs, algaecides, salt, shock, caplets, and automatic pool cleaners all on sale! But that’s not …

How to Open Your Pool for Summer

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It’s springtime and of course, for pool owners that means it’s time to start preparing the pool for summer! There is no one-size-fits-all guide to opening a pool up for the spring, so instead of walking you through step-by-step, listed below are essential steps you need to follow for the most basic pool opening.